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How To Work With Impermanence

There have been times in my life when I felt I couldn’t keep up with all the change, and times I didn’t want things to change. Have you ever felt that way? Change is an inescapable law of nature, and it doesn’t take into account how we’re going to feel about it. Our best response […]

Vipassana: Insight Meditation

It’s been over a week since I returned from my vipassana meditation retreat. I haven’t fully processed the experience, but I figure it’s time to put some of it down in writing. Vipassana is a ten day, silent retreat. Students are trained in the style of meditation that the Buddha taught. This practice is all […]

Ten Choices That will Make you Happier

In the interest of brevity, I’ve created a “Top 10” list for your dose of personal growth for the week! Hope it grabs you. Accept what is. It’s here (a situation, a feeling, a loss or a gain), no matter how you feel about it. Leaning into it allows you to learn from it. Using […]

It’s Hard to do the Right Thing

There’s a phenomenon I’ve witnessed over the years as I’ve worked with families, and honestly, as I pay closer attention to myself: it’s not always easy to do right. I’m gonna get more specific and and talk about why it’s hard to do right in our relationships. While I think our innate goodness wants us […]

The Power of Boundaries

Boundaries keep us connected to our true self and they allow us to know if we are safe in the presence of others. How does this work? In my experience, the way we often become aware is by how we feel when we’re not honoring our natural limits. When we’re unable to say no by […]

Yoga For Trauma Recovery Workshop

Last year, I got to experience one of the best moments of my career as a therapist. The Yoga for Trauma Recovery Immersion went beyond any expectation I could’ve had. Our students truly internalized the spiritual yet practical healing tools we offered. They came to class with an enthusiasm to learn and grow. They all […]

Falling in Love With Life

I find myself almost daily falling deeper in love with life. It’s a little odd for me to say that I’m in love with life because I know that I still feel pain. The holidays were once effortlessly happy, and I never understood why people moped around saying, “The holidays are tough.” Yet in the […]

Secure Attachment Can Be Learned

When we are born into our families, we are essentially given a template for attachment. We learn that our needs will be met consistently and lovingly, thus creating secure attachment. Or, we learn that attachment is inconsistent and unreliable, creating insecure attachment patterns. We bring this template with us throughout our lives, particularly in our […]

Gratitude: Who do you Love?

November marks my favorite time of year. It is a month centered around giving thanks. Whenever I think of what I’m most grateful for, my sister is always the first person to come to mind. She is one of the main reasons I remain an optimist and she reaffirms my sense of spirituality on an almost […]