Yoga For Trauma Recovery Workshop

Joanne Varni and Rebekah Tayebi at a Somatic Experience workshop led by Peter Levine.

Last year, I got to experience one of the best moments of my career as a therapist. The Yoga for Trauma Recovery Immersion went beyond any expectation I could’ve had. Our students truly internalized the spiritual yet practical healing tools we offered. They came to class with an enthusiasm to learn and grow. They all went deeper into their recovery. I was humbled to witness healing happen in the moment, and for so many.

I hope you will join us this year and experience this unique healing process for yourself. Here’s what one of our students has to say:

“As a person who is not a yoga instructor, I benefited greatly from the Yoga for Trauma Recovery Immersion workshop for my personal journey of recovery from chronic and acute childhood trauma. Beyond being highly sensitive, supportive, professional, and informative, both Rebekah and Joanne facilitated a safe environment where a room full of strangers could share openly and courageously about their own personal and professional journeys as it relates to trauma. The time I spent there fostered a deepening connection between my body, my mind, and my emotions. My life was enriched and I was very inspired by the instructors and class participants as the entire experience gave me new tools for healing. I highly recommend this immersion training for anyone who is recovering from their own trauma or for the professional who works with those suffering.” -DS

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