Joanne Varni & Rebekah Tayebi

Yoga for Trauma Recovery

In this intensive training with Rebekah Tayebi and Joanne Varni, you will learn how to use yoga and mindfulness techniques to support your personal recovery. If you are a teacher or in the healing arts you will become familiar with how to incorporate these modalities with populations who are recovering from physical and emotional trauma, including those who manage PTSD. This training is open to anyone going through a healing process, yoga teachers, anyone working in the healing arts, and is an all-levels course.

The course will be both lecture and experiential, deepening your understanding of the effects of trauma on the physical and emotional bodies. The lecture portion will include trauma and our anatomy, the definition and explanation around various forms of trauma and how it impacts all of us.We will look at the legacy of intergenerational trauma, the eight limbs of yoga as it relates to trauma, and the subtle body.

We will guide you through metta meditation, mindfulness practices and other Buddhist psychology methods, as a way to deepen your seated and contemplative practices. You will also be led through physical techniques, including yoga, somatic healing and neurogenic tremoring to help release and move stuck energy from the body.

Next Weekend Workshop for Yoga For Trauma Recovery

Date: August 7-9 & 14-16

Location: Los Gatos, California

Venue: Breathe Together Yoga

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