Train with Slogans

shutterstock_87654268Pema Chodron teaches the value of training with slogans–they’re easy to draw on in a pickle.  I’m a big fan of doing whatever will work in the moment. I use slogans because they’re easy to access and though they can be trite, the right slogan can speak VOLUMES. Can I share the slogans that help me the most?

Let go and Let god. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a higher power. This slogan is a tap on the shoulder, reminding us that we don’t have as much control as we think we do. Don’t stress about the things that you can’t control. Give it up to something higher.

WAIT. Why Am I Talking? This is an acronym that one of my clients taught me. Are our words improving upon the silence?

Live and let live. Zen buddhism teaches that everything is buddha nature–everything has potential to wake us up. It’s best not to judge others for their struggles or flaws…it could be the very thing they need for their enlightenment.

No mud, no lotus. One of my favorite Thich Nhat Hanh teachings. This mantra comes in handy when we’re in the thick of it. It’s a reminder to trust that we can blossom and flourish, and that sometimes the muck is what helps us arrive.

Be here now. When my mind drifts. When I start to worry. When my brain is busy at work crafting stories. Ram Dass’ words pop up and remind me that everything I need is right here, in this moment. “Be here now,” helps me become a more present person.

Begin again. Sharon Salzberg teaches this as a principle of meditation. I find it helpful in my everyday life. When I make a mistake or forget to use the tools that work, instead of beat myself up (which I may indulge in for a few minutes), I remind myself to begin again. This phrase gives us permission to be human and still reminds us to live a dedicated life.  Sharon teaches, “The magic is in the return.”

What slogans help you? 

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