How Dreams Come True Part 2: Develop Yourself (Guest Post by Jennifer Prugh)

IMG_9252I asked Jennifer Prugh to author a guest post on, “how to make dreams come true.” She seems to be one of the most qualified to share on the topic. In her lifetime, she has lived as an artist, professor, yoga teacher, founder of Breathe Los Gatos, leads yoga retreats all over the world, and is devoted to her family. Jennifer is an inspirational teacher, and her example of courage has influenced me to be brave in my own life. It’s a gift to hear her message on how dreams come true.  This is part two of three special guest posts. 

Determine what you love and learn as much about it as you can.  Read and find great teachers you can emulate.

Do each task that is in front of you right now fully, completely and to the best of your ability. Nothing is more important than anything else. It all matters.

Develop consistency. My nine year old son just said, “Mommy, I’m going to write a book and I’m going to write one page a day.” Taking one step each day toward what you want to create has us stay content with where we are today while at the same time enabling us to accomplish great things.

Every wall is a door. Rumi said that. Live knowing that obstacles are opportunities in disguise.

Cultivate a yoga practice. It will keep you healthier, happier and more clear. You’ll find that you were more capable than you knew, it will help you release life’s stresses and support your outstanding life in every way.

Meditating every day, which means sitting and observing every sensation, thought, sound, breath that passes and coming back to this moment every time we drift away is a time tested method of training our minds to be present. Developing our ability to be present means we will more likely to recognize and respond to opportunities when they present themselves. It also means that we are less likely to miss the beauty that is right in front of us.

Without knowing it we often become a slave to our desires and fears. They can prevent us from taking necessary steps forward. Make a practice out of asking if your thoughts about “the way it is” are really true.

Don’t spend time and energy trying to manipulate life to go the way you want it. Practice patience and trust in the way in which life unfolds.

We all have habits that will sabotage the realization of our dreams. As you recognize what those habits are, commit to giving up what doesn’t work and replacing it with a healthier habit.  Addressing one habit at a time will bring the greatest success.

There are values present in every spiritual and religious tradition that are mostly the same (non-violence and being truthful for example). They are designed to lessen our suffering. We are all faced with difficulties and there is no escape from that. But when we cause ourselves or others suffering through our thoughts, words or actions, that suffering takes energy away from who we really want to be in life.

Practice gratitude often. We are lucky to live in a culture where we can have dreams and act on them.

Develop your ability to give yourself to everyone and everything often. The more we give with no attachment to what we’ll receive in return, the easier and happier life becomes.

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