How Dreams Come True Part 3: Develop a Daily Practice (Guest Post by Jennifer Prugh)

IMG_9287I asked Jennifer Prugh to author a guest post on, “how to make dreams come true.” She seems to be one of the most qualified to share on the topic. In her lifetime, she has lived as an artist, professor, yoga teacher, founder of Breathe Los Gatos, leads yoga retreats all over the world, and is devoted to her family. Jennifer is an inspirational teacher, and her example of courage has influenced me to be brave in my own life. It’s a gift to hear her message on how dreams come true.  This is part three of a three-part special guest post. 

Begin the day with gratitude. YAY! We are still here and we get another day to express ourselves fully and experiment in what it means to be human.

First thing in the morning look ahead at the day and what you want to bring to it. If you are working on being more compassionate,  patient, or more productive for example, keep your intentions beside you as you move through your day. Set some intentions around the quality of your actions, your words and your thoughts.

Our thoughts literally dictate the quality of our lives.

Offer your actions to either the God of your very own unique understanding or to others who could benefit by your actions. Offer your hopes and prayers to those in your life that are suffering physically, mentally or spiritually as well. May everyone benefit by what we are up to!

Learn something new every day, especially as it applies to your dreams.

Practice doing something that scares you every day. Get used to the idea of living with courage.

Eat well. Your body is a unique eco-system and functions optimally with your care. But you have to learn how to best take care of it. Learn to recognize what foods make you feel strong.

Practice being present every day. This is often referred to as “meditation.” The mind is a blank canvas and we lay down all kinds of stuff on that canvas, often not knowing we are doing that. As we develop our ability to observe our thoughts we get better at recognizing when our thoughts are leading us down a path we just assume not go.

Practice self-care every day, especially if you are a female. Whatever was said about what is beautiful and what is ugly was said by people who want you to buy what they have to sell. You don’t need fixing. The days we feel most beautiful are when we have done something that makes us happy.

Use your energy well. There are so many hours in a day. Notice what you are doing with them. Eliminate activities that deplete your energy so you have more energy to spend toward the things in your life that truly matter.

Ultimately we are learning to be ourselves. In the beginning we learn from others about how to navigate our direction. Eventually we begin to learn how to recognize our own instincts and act on what we know from the inside out. Listen to your instincts which can be found in your gut. There are literally brain cells that reside in your intestinal track and they know what’s going on. Have the courage to listen and act on what you know.

At the end of the day do a personal review. Were we patient, kind, true to ourselves and courageous? Was there an area we could focus our efforts tomorrow? This helps to keep what is important in your life right beside you.

Let the day go and rest in gratitude, ending the day as we began it.  

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