How Dreams Come True (Guest Post by Jennifer Prugh)

And Jennifer and Catherine on her birthday.....I asked Jennifer Prugh to author a guest post on, “how to make dreams come true.” She seems to be one of the most qualified to share on the topic. In her lifetime, she has lived as an artist, professor, yoga teacher, founder of Breathe Los Gatos, leads yoga retreats all over the world, and is devoted to her family. Jennifer is an inspirational teacher, and her example of courage has influenced me to be brave in my own life. It’s a gift to hear her message on how dreams come true.  This is part one of three special guest posts. 

What I have learned about the nature of dreams:

Each one of us was given unique gifts. Yes, we are much like snowflakes. Let’s assume that our innate talents were meant to be shared with everyone around us during the short and precious time we are here.

We are never given a dream without the power to make it come true.

Often when we look at what we want for our lives sometimes what we come up with are things that other people have, things we didn’t get from the past, or things that we were told that would make us more attractive and ultimately more loveable. The dreams that only serve ourselves have less power than the ones that serve the world around us. Life tends to be more generous with meaningful opportunities when what we want to do is contribute to life.

Find a need in the world or right next door that you hope to meet. Pay attention to what  in life makes you feel like you are in love and what in life breaks your heart. Follow your Heart.

If our dreams simultaneously evoke both fear of miserably failing and elation at the idea of trying, good chance we are headed in the right direction.

Once we recognize our dream, let’s assume we are on a path that will unfold with each step we take. Our destination, however, will not from point A to point B. Every day is a windy road. Sheryl Crow said that. When we end up taking a detour, we recognize it as an essential part of the path.

When an opportunity emerges, it may not appear again. Act on the opportunity when it arises. Yes, courage is necessary.

Falling down will happen. When we fall, we pause to feel, learn, release it and then get on with it. We do that again and again and again. This is the formula that was used by anyone who got anywhere really amazing in life.

Kindly don’t care too much about what other people think. Let people have their opinions and continue on with what you are doing. The people who have contributed greatly to this world were true to themselves.

Have faith in life and the “God of your own unique understanding.” Where you are right now is rich with possibility.

Let go of any attachment to your dreams turning out according to your plans. There is no telling how it will all work out in the end, but let’s assume it will probably be better than we imagined. Attachment limits creativity and opportunity. Have faith in the process. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. We heard that a thousand times because it’s true. Enjoy the journey!

1 thoughts on “How Dreams Come True (Guest Post by Jennifer Prugh)

  1. ashleyord says:

    Beautifully spoken, Jennifer. Life can truly be so much more fulfilling and joyful once we are able to separate the things that make us truly fulfilled and the things that are temporary fixes or the things that we feel that society is telling us to to fucus on. You are an amazing example of following your dreams and in turn leave a permanent mark on other’s lives.

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