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Looking Inward

If today you woke up and recognized your full worth, what would you do differently?  If you accepted that you have needs in your relationships, what would you ask for? If you could repair any hurt, what would it be? If you owned your strength, what would it tell you to let go of? If […]

TED Talk: Why 30 is not the New 20

Meg Jay is a psychologist specializing in work with “twentysomethings.” View her TED Talk  to learn more about this special age group and the unique experience young women in their twenties encounter today. After viewing her talk, answer the following questions: How do you feel you’re doing with the 3 main strategies to reclaim your […]

How Dreams Come True (Guest Post by Jennifer Prugh)

I asked Jennifer Prugh to author a guest post on, “how to make dreams come true.” She seems to be one of the most qualified to share on the topic. In her lifetime, she has lived as an artist, professor, yoga teacher, founder of Breathe Los Gatos, leads yoga retreats all over the world, and […]