Why I Know Yoga For Trauma Recovery Works

learn-energy-healing-3-300x263When Jennifer Prugh and I began the yoga program for the residential treatment facility I worked at in 2008, it wasn’t long before I understood the profound contribution yoga has on the healing process. I remember one young woman in particular. She entered treatment to recover from sexual trauma–this trauma led her to self-medicate in various ways–it was clear that she wasn’t really in her body. As we invited her to engage in our therapeutic yoga program, you could quite literally see her transformation. Her physical body grew from weak to strong. She stood tall. There was life behind her eyes. I was so touched to see this change manifest.
In my own life, I find myself returning again and again to my yoga practice when the inevitable heartbreaks of this life hit. Yoga is gentle yet powerful.  When you link the asanas to your breath, to meditation, to mindfulness, to presence, the healing happens to you. It’s a beautiful process that I wish everyone could experience.
That is why I feel so grateful to be co-leading this special workshop with Joanne Varni at Breathe Los Gatos. Please consider signing up and experiencing this beautiful process for yourself.

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