Living in the Moment

Why is being in the moment so hard? yoga_childs_pose_ART

  • Because it’s uncomfortable
  • Because it’s unpleasant
  • Because we could mess it all up
  • Because it’s not what we want
  • Because it reopens old wounds
  • Because we know it won’t last
  • Because it can never be repeated
  • Because it might never feel this way again
  • Because it could change everything
  • Because we might not know how to respond
  • Because we don’t want to hurt someone
  • Because we don’t want to feel hurt
  • Because we’ll have to tell the truth
  • Because we don’t want to look at the truth

Why does it matter if we’re in the moment? 

  • Because it’s the one thing we know for sure we’ve got
  • Because it’s the only way we’ll really learn
  • Because it reminds us how precious life is
  • Because it sets us free from the “shoulda, coulda, wouldas”
  • Because we learn to witness instead of act out
  • Because the moment teaches us how to truly care

The trick to living in the moment is to put love into it. We can face most anything as long as compassion is there.

How do you bring compassion to your experience? 

  • Meditation-this practice helps us relax, making us more prepared to deal with tough moments in life
  • Spend a few minutes every day in gratitude–keep a gratitude journal
  • Practice saying, “I love you” often
  • Practice saying “I’m sorry” more than you think you should
  • Look at a situation from as many perspectives as you can, so that yours isn’t the only one that gets air time
  • Breathe with intention
  • Spend time in the yoga posture balasana, or child’s pose–notice what it’s like to simultaneously bow, giving it all up and to receive, with hands cupped to the sky–this is a pose of devotion
  • When the moment calls upon you, listen to your heart
  • Wherever you can, begin again



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