Intuition is my Friend

self-loveOne of my teachers recently posited the question, “What would the wisest or most caring being that you know want for you?” When I think of the people who love me the most, I know all they want is my happiness. When I search inside myself, I recognize all I want is my happiness too!

The thing that most often keeps me from this is my unwillingness to honor my intuition. Intuition is that voice inside that tells you what is safe for you. Intuition helps you understand your boundaries within and without. Intuition helps us feel that we’re not alone–we have a friend in ourselves, guiding us through this life. We know it is our friend, because we feel it in our hearts.

It’s not always easy to listen to that inner friend. We might not feel that we’re deserving of self-love. We sometimes place what others want for us over what we want. We compare ourselves to others and decide that their way of doing life must be right, making us wrong. We second guess ourselves.

If we listened to our intuition, it might mean making a difficult decision–to let go of something or someone, to build a new habit, to face the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, to say sorry, and to be really vulnerable. Vulnerability can feel scary because it requires that we let go of control and allow the truth to come forth…my heartbeat quickens just thinking about that!

Yet any time I respect what my intuition tells me, I am ultimately left feeling stronger. I become more assertive with the people I spend time with. I ask for help and feel grateful for the support I receive. I live more steadily.  I trust myself. Others trust me more. Even if my intuition is wrong at times, the act of listening to it and respecting it gives me a healthy sense of pride. It feels good to be in the act of giving myself what I need.

If you paused and placed your hands on your heart, what would it tell you?

Will you listen?

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