Family Activity Sheet

The following is a list of joining ideas for your family.  Practice at least one a week and note the difference in your family life.


Give hugs to each person in your family.


Draw names and do a random act of service for the person you drew.


Pick someone outside of your family that you can serve.


Sit around the fire tonight and tell stories or share something about your day.


Share something about yourself that your family might not know.


Play board games. No screens allowed!


Listen to each other without interruption.


Talk about who your heroes are. What do you admire about them?


Practice using, “I Feel” statements.


Create a family mantra or mission statement.


Share a spiritual experience that really matters to you.


Practice active listening, by making eye contact, nodding your head, and asking more questions.


Choose one family member that you all will compliment at dinner time.


What is something that you learned the hard way?


Practice deep breathing when you are feeling stressed out or reactive.


Tell your mom what you appreciate about her.


Choose a person who gets to pick a fun activity for the family. Rotate this until everyone gets a turn.


Write a nice card to someone in your family.


Tell your dad what you appreciate about him.


Bring one of your most prized possessions and share with your family what you love about it.


Share what you love about having siblings.


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