Heal Your Home

Are you a loving parent who doesn’t quite know the right thing to say or do with your complicated teen?

Do you feel your teen would thrive if they worked with someone who they saw as a genuine friend?

Does your young adult child need help navigating life away from home?

Satya is an in-home family coaching service that focuses on healing family relationships. Your family coach will skillfully address your family’s concerns with a balance of honesty and compassion.  This intensive work happens in the place where you want the transformation to occur most–at home.

What Sets Satya Apart

Rebekah Tayebi, founder of Satya Family Coaching felt inspired to create a coaching service that serves loving, conscious families who need a little more support at home.  Rebekah believes that success at home is as simple as becoming more skillful. She teaches real skills in real time.  Rebekah blends warmth, humor, and mindfulness into her relationships with her clients. Most importantly, she will tell you the truth. You will see your relationships at home transform, as you bring awareness, skillfulness and compassion into your daily life.


The Family Coaching Approach

Family Coaching focuses on skills and accountability. Satya’s approach is about lifestyle choices. We work best in conjunction with your local therapist. We coordinate care with all the helping professionals, building a solid team approach for your family.

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