Help. Thanks. Wow.


For those of us who have survived trauma, we understand that even when we’ve found recovery, our lives are forever changed. I see this show up with the families I work with—parents learning how to stop doing family life out of survival, teens and young adults learning how to nurture and befriend themselves, and the whole family system learning how to be sensitive to each other while balancing their own internal boundaries.

I know firsthand about the impact and aftermath of trauma. Over two years ago, I had my own experience with it.  I knew that I couldn’t do recovery by myself. heartinsky I felt some kind of force nudging me along my path—it led me to so many different healing experiences that I felt in my heart (and still do). I knew every step of the way that I would be sharing these gifts with the people I work with.

Next to “I love you,” the three most important words I can think of are, “I need help.” Recovery replaced my pride with humility and because of that, I live in gratitude every day. Please come to our intensive at Breathe Together Yoga and learn how to help heal yourself and others.


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