Begin Again


The new year brings out my inner enthusiast—I can’t help but see all the promise 2017 holds. Regardless of the outcomes we’ll discover at the end of this year, the real measurement stick for our happiness lies in the everyday commitment we make to ourselves. When our actions match the voice of our conscience, we’re at home.

My life got way happier when I learned to commit to myself. I’m calmer, more fulfilled, and my relationships feel better.  As I’ve become more intentional about the day-to-day, I’ve noticed the yucky stuff fall away.  Instead, I’m filled with a healthy sense of pride about the way I live.

So, how do we commit to ourselves?

1. Take actionwomanonmountain Inertia is a powerful force.  We fight it by showing up. Make your appointments, cross off your to do’s, and use slogans or mantras to help you take action. I use the mantra, “Begin again,” to remind me to come back whenever I’ve strayed. Pay attention to the energy that you feel once you take that first step.

2. Get quiet.getquiet Spending a few moments in silence each day helps you become a better listener. We learn to be present. If you could listen to yourself or your family without reacting, wouldn’t it feel good? Meditation helps us get there.

3. Build a team. Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.04.26 AMLook to someone who’s making choices that you want to get better at making. Work with a coach, support group, or teacher who inspires you to be accountable.


May 2017 be the year of beginning again!

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