Dating methods are derived from 3 unprovable and debateable presumptions:

Dating methods are derived from 3 unprovable and debateable presumptions:

1) That the price of decay happens to be constant throughout time. 2). That the isotope abundances into the specimen dated haven’t been changed during its history by addition or elimination of either moms and dad or child isotopes 3) That when the stone first formed it contained an understood amount of daughter product (“Radioisotopes plus the chronilogical age of the planet earth” pg v)

We ought to notice that past processes may never be occurring after all today, and that some could have taken place at rates and intensities far distinctive from comparable procedures today. ( “Radioisotopes plus the chronilogical age of the earth” pg vii)

Jesus cursed the floor (the stones too!)

See my commentary on Genesis 3 verse 17 “..cursed may be the ground for the sake”

If this took place there was clearly a burst of radioactity that made the stones look more than they certainly were.

Would not this make most of the stones appear the age that is same?

“The rock real question is quite simple and has now related to the fundamental elements which comprised these stones at first. Whenever each one of these elements, uranium, potassium, radium etc. were started up, it could simply be normal in order for them to act based on their properties that are individual sooner or later acquiring stable half-lives of decay, at various prices. Let’s imagine at first every element that is radioactive “exploded” into presence from pre-existent elements. None of the early quicker half-lives will be the identical to they’ve been today.

As time progressed each would start to get its slow modern-day stable half-life, but would all of them get these stable prices in a uniformity which may have them all in synchrony? We question it. Should they did, all will give exactly the same many years, you may be appropriate. Each may possibly get to balance at different occuring times.

Glance at biological breakdown every-where, it proceeds at various prices. Glance at the world from a devolutionary standpoint and observe how excellence was lost and breakdown has proceeded in spurts and stasis durations. Many of us have actually lost more info than the others, this is exactly why most are at Harvard, but others, more regrettable, the exact same age have trouble with debilitating hereditary degenerative diseases like Lupus, MS, ALS, Crohn’s and lots of other autoimmune conditions. The secrets of that are locked into the “vault of degeneration knowledge” that evolutionists are reluctant to start for fear we creationists may be proper.” Jack Cuozzo 3/02

Carbon dates they did nothing like

Carbon relationship is often an embarrassment to researchers. Check out Carbon 14 dates which were refused simply because they failed to accept development

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Residing seal

Antarctic seawater has a low standard of C14. Consequently organisms residing here dated by C14 give many years much over the age of their real age.

There are lots of more examples that colombian cupid we shall include later. Nevertheless the people above provide you with a idea that is general.

There are some other ways of dating. They too, provide varied outcomes.

Potassium-argon dating

The potassium-argon technique ended up being familiar with date volcanic product in this next example.

Volcanic ash has additionally been recognized to offer times much avove the age of they really were .

Lava moves at Mt Ngauruhoe, New Zealand provided erroneous times (from K-Ar analyses) which range from

Gets the price of decay stayed constant?

The problem that is biggest with dating techniques could be the presumption that the price of decay has remained constant. There’s absolutely no option to show it. In fact there was evidence that is much show this rate hasn’t remained constant, and that it’s decaying faster and faster. Precisely what the bible, and a Devolution and degenerating type of the planet would anticipate.

a laugh about Dinosaurs and dating

Some tourists within the American Museum of Natural History were marveling during the dinosaur bones on display. One of these asked the guard, “Can I am told by you exactly how old the dinosaur bones are?”

The guard responded, “they have been 65 million, four years, and half a year old.”

“which is an awfully exact quantity,” states the tourist. “Just how can you understand their age so precisely?”

The guard replied, “Well, the dinosaur bones had been sixty five million years of age when I began working right here, and that had been four and a years that are half.”

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Carbon dating sources:

1) From a movie Lecture by Dr. Kent Hovind

6)Antarctic Journal, Washington 10)”Dry bones as well as other fossils” by Dr. Gary Parker

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